Wheel and Tie car finished

 Finally completed

     I was finally able get the decals laid down that came with the Grandt Line kit and boy were they very fine and a little bit brittle after being locked away in the cardboard box for so many years.

    Those done I weathered the car with a very light wash of India ink & alcohol and once dry added the hand cart, a pallet of drums and some cross ties.

    The wheels and trucks were painted and now its ready to take its place on the Monarch Branch.

This is a cropped image ready to add to my car card sytem.

  I'm pretty happy with the way this has turned out so on to the next project.

Thanks again.



Assembling a Grant Line Wheel and Tie car

 Finally got back to it

      I started to assemble this car many many months ago however I became side tracked when I built my additional peninsular for the layout. We have had to go back into lock-down again here in Melbourne, it is very cold in the garage (train room) so I thought I should do something productive and get this thing finished whilst sitting inside where it is warm.

    So far so good, lots of grab irons to bend and fit some being more fiddly than others considering their position on the car.

   I weathered the decks well before I started to assemble the kit.

   This is where I am at with it at the moment. Decals are under way however as this is a very old kit they are very fragile and are breaking quite easily.





    I should be able to get the rest of the decals on today then give the car a spray of Dullcoat and some light weathering. The new cross ties sitting in the background will be added along with a few other details to help with the appearance but to give the car a bit more weight as the frame is all plastic.

Thanks for coming by.



I used my new Gimble today

 Part three Building the D&RGW Monarch Branch

    It was warm in the garage this morning so took advantage of it to do another short video on the Monarch Branch. This video starts at Montrose and goes to Poncha Junction. There is a town yet to be built between the end of Cimarron and Montrose and I am still deciding whether there will be an additional peninsular to be built off from this so hence the delay.

Here is the new video

Thanks to those who have subscribed to my You Tube stuff it is very much appreciated.



Catching up on scenery part 2

 Lots more done

    I was able to put a fair amount of time into my town of Montrose over the past month or so which brought the scenery almost to completion. Lots of various grades and colours of ballast, various colours and shades of ground cover including static grasses along with tufts and a few more trees. Lots of telegraph poles were constructed and planted along the right of way. I also repainted the plastic timber loads with the aim to get them to look more like cut timber.

    Here are a few images of the area.

     Next job work out what I want to do at the end of the peninsular.

Till another time.



Catching up on scenery

 Slowly getting more done

     After a rush to get more done on the Monarch Branch last month this month has started well with scenery work well underway in the town of Montrose.

     With a good supply of ground cover from various manufactures along with several lots of fine ballast in a variety of grades it was time to do some ballasting and get this town well under way.

     I needed to fill in all the gaps in the sub-roadbed cork then start with the ballasting.

     I used several brands and shades of ballast including cinders to endevour to get the look I was after. Once this had dried a gave it a light airbrush of AK Interactive Soot to blend the ballast in a bit. Varieties of old fashioned Woodland Scenics foam was applied with some of their Blended turf in some areas and static grasses from a range of manufactures in others.

    I already had a good supply of pine trees made many months ago when the guys were for a tree making day so next came production of Autumnal Aspens using Super Tree armatures and three shades of coloured fine foam.

The following images show where I am up to as of today.


      Montrose is coming along nicely however there is still lots to do on the Left.

As usual thanks for stopping by.



A new Video

 Barry Davies HOn3 Hidden Valley RR

     After only four years of construction Barry has decided to dismantle his Hidden Valley and build a new layout based on the RGS.

    So it was necessary to get my gear ready and go video his beautiful Hidden Valley RR before he started to rip into it. With thanks to John as the man in charge of the throttle we got the job done in quick time.

   So here is Barry layout filmed only two weeks ago.

 Thank you once again for stopping by.



A little bit of weathering

 I have been putting this job off for ages.

     Having five Blackstone steam locomotives four K27s and a recently swapped D&RGW C19 with Barry, some with factory weathering and others without I thought it was time to get my act together and get this job completed.

     During Covid we were restricted to not travel outside a 5 Kilometer radius from our homes so I placed an order with a local hobby shop for a range of new AK Interactive acrylic paints that they had just received. Smoke, Soot and a few others were delivered after about 10 days.

    I had previously copied several prototype loco images to get an idea of how I wanted to weather my lot.

    Here are a few images of my efforts with weathering and new coal loads in the four K27's.

461 also received a dog house.

I chose not to weather 462 as I want the green boiler to be seen.

     The C19 can wait a while as Barry had added a new coal load to it and it looks good as it stands at the moment.

That's it for this post.