Time for another update

Quite a lot has been done

     Wow over a month has gone since the last update to this blog, time is moving along way to fast so it is about time I caught up a bit.
    The new peninsular is complete, track and turnouts installed and the two new control panels designed by John have been installed and wired in with help from both Johns. So trains can traverse the new section and it looks good. Then the fascia was added with help from Barry. We did it one Saturday, it took all day and boy now I know I'm getting a little older as I was well and truly bush whacked by days end.
    Backdrop painting for Cimarron is pretty much completed along with the first pass of a section of new scenic divider behind Cedar Creek.
    I have also been working on two scratch built buildings, one a bunk house that will sit just about opposite the Cimarron Station and the other a pump house that will provide water to the Cimarron water tank.
   Now that the tank pump house was going to be installed I needed a supply of water, so I have developed a removable section that sits in front of the circuit board housing for the house so if needed this can be lifted out to provide access.
   Scenery has well and truly started with plaster cloth and paper towel used for small mounds along with some neat foam material given to me by Bill.
   Okay enough writing here are some of the update images below.

This is the view as you enter the train room (garage)

And the duck-under with Cimarron on the left.
The bunk house under construction. I obtained plans from a very nice fellow on Facebook who is building a HOn3 based on Poncha Junction. How cool is that.

The pump house under construction.

     So that's about it for this update, with work being done almost every day now that the weather is warmer a lot more is planned over the coming weeks.
Thanks for your interest in this and all of my ventures in this great hobby.