The Guthrie Peninsular

Trying to hide the dividing wall.
     When I was designing the extension for the SFRSD I knew that I wanted to disguise the end of the new dividing wall between Perry and Guthrie as best I could. It is probably one of the hardest items to achieve in our modeling world and so to help overcome this issue I decided to try and build a fairly complex grain facility to help keep ones eye on the trains and buildings and have the end of the wall sort of camouflaged as best I could. The main building of the elevator is a slightly modified Walthers kit by changing the roof section with the addition of the extension kit and adding some etched fire escape ladders and an etched front to the loading house. These were made many years ago by my good friend Vic and they certainly add an extra bit of umph to these buildings. 

The truck is Atlas and the grain trailer from GHQ. The three gas tanks are castings by Vic
     I scratch built the square bins, grain dryer and added brass walkways and as many discharge pipes as I could. I think I have achieved what I was looking for as this area now hides most of the end of the wall.

     The view above is looking directly between two of the large bins toward the Guthrie station building.

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