Merry Christmas

That time of the year again.

     Hi all just wanted to say to all to have a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and enjoyable new year.
     Run a train a day.
PS I think I'm getting another GP60 B unit from Santa yippee.


Progress on the GP60M sound installation

Plans change
     After reviewing several forums along with discussions with friends it was decided to go down a slightly different path with the speakers that I would use in the GP60M that I spoke about two posts ago. It seems that the use of the small rectangular Knowles Fox speakers makes a significant difference to the sound obtained from the Loksound decoders. It was also going to be difficult to machine the fuel tank to fit the two 12 mm round speakers they way we would like.
     Bill gave me one of these new speakers (thank you Bill) and so armed with this off I went to Vics house to supervise the machining of the fuel tank. Well, Vic was wanting me there so he could show me just how much material had to be removed in order to fit this speaker. What a job. Vic's milling machine did a fine job however we decided later that we should take out all of the sides of the tank as you will see in the images below. Once home I had at it with a new smallish square file that did the trick. This should leave enough room to have the speaker mounted in a speaker box which we are hoping will give us even better sound.
     The body was the next big job as the decoder will not fit sideways in the shell it's too wide so out with the 180 grit wet and dry paper wrapped around a coffee stirrer and let the sanding begin. What a job however it seems that it has worked as I can now offer the decoder to the inside and it fits nicely.
     For the fuel tank cover I laid a piece of masking tape over the exterior, marked out the location for the holes and used my Dremel to drill out the holes hopefully to let out most of the sound.

     Here's a few pics of the progress thus far.

Here you can see where the rear of the frame has been milled to fit the decoder.

A side view of the fuel tank machining to fit the rectangular speaker

And from below

and the fuel tank 
    The next step is to have the decoder installed and see how she sounds.

Thanks for coming by.