Working on the Railroad Pt 3

More done on the SFRMD
     John has completed quite a bit more work on the railroad. As he worked on plans for his staging tracks Brendan came up with a very good suggestion and as a result the new staging tracks have been installed. These sit between the old town of Augusta (which is now in a separate room) and the old Flynn Yard. Theses visible staging tracks are quite long and will allow John to stage quite a few more trains than the old SFRSD could handle.

Here's a look at the staging tracks

    The next area that we both worked on last week was to join the Santa Fe Tracks from the old town of Udall to the old Augusta whilst at the same time working out what was needed for the new yard to hold the MoPac trains. These tracks are planned to be about a half inch or more below the SF track that sits against the wall. This should make a nice visual gap and ensure that the two railroads are separated here.

Here's the work thus far

Cardboard set in place to help work out the best option for the tracks

    Now that these tracks are getting closer to the old Augusta, wiring these in plus new control panels for the turnouts is next in line.
    Good progress has been made the past few weeks on some wiring gremlins that took a while to sort out. They are now mostly fixed so the layout is coming back together very nicely.

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by.