Gunnison Finally Complete (well almost)

 Was able to get most of the scenery done.

     Almost there, most of the scenery is now finished in the yard of Gunnison bar for completing the finishing touches to the water tower. This just needs the water spout added and then the whole assembly can finally be cemented in place.

    Barry very kindly donated the sanding facility and stock yard from his last layout and these two pieces fitted right in.

    Assembled and kit bashed several Walthers kits to represent the Conoco Fuel Distributor facility and made several trees for the back of the yard.

The images that follow show where the yard is at as of today.

This is an in process shot as lots more detail was added.

   Well that has me pretty well caught up with the progress on the Monarch Branch. I have started to add ground cover to Poncha Junction so until the next time, thanks for stopping by.