Additional work at Cimarron.

Cimarron is almost done.

     After several weeks of steady work the town of Cimarron is almost complete. Bill gave me some Sage bush trees and after spending a good couple of hours on each one they were ready to plant in there new home.
     I also made all of the telegraph poles using 4mm rod purchased from the local 2 dollar (now 3 dollar) shop. These gave me enough to make 3 scale length poles out of each piece. Cross beams where made from material on hand and I then found some very small green glass beads to use as insulators.
     Then the stock yard was scratch built using some left over strip wood and drawings from the Narrow Gauge Gazette. I also built the coal dump following a drawing I had seen.
 Below are images of how Cimarron looks as of today.

  That's it for today.
So until the next post thanks for stopping by.