Another building kit pt 2

The Elevator is complete

     Yesterday I was able to get the rest of this new Walthers kit assembled. As mentioned it went together quite nicely except for some windows that are miss numbered. I did receive an email back from Walthers saying that my email had been passed on to the new product development dept so I hope they get it resolved for any additional kits that they release.

    Finished elevator.

    It has turned out looking quite good and as mentioned I am very happy with the paint I used for this, so now it is just waiting to be delivered to the Mopac

That's it for now.


Another building kit

Building the new Walthers grain Elevator

    With the relocation of Guthrie on Johns layout (formerly the SFRSD) this town is now to be known as Belle Plain and will be served by the Missouri Pacific. The MP will be a new road added to the layout and will use the former interchange tracks in Augusta a new yard with a grain elevator etc on separate tracks around the corner and have running rights over the SF at Udall as it makes it's way to Belle Plain. There is talk about having a separate dispatcher for the MP so time will tell.
   As we are waiting to move into our new home John asked if I would like to build this new kit for him, of course I would.
   The kit arrived last Friday and below is some progress made in among normal household duties.
It is a very easy kit to assemble however there is some issues with the windows as the instructions are incorrect about which to use where. I have sent an email to Walthers telling them of the issue.
   I decided to use a different brand of paint and finally found a good grey that looks like concrete and a very flat white that looks fab once dry.
   Rust-Oleum Chalk Ultra Matt Aged Concrete was sprayed on first then Rust-Oleum Flat White Primer sprayed very lightly over the grey from a distance. The effect is just what I was looking for of an older elevator that has seen the best of times but not shabby.
   Here is a couple of snaps whilst construction is underway.

The elevator


The head house that will sit on top of the elevator

office prior to sitting on its foundation.

    This is not going to be a large building in fact I am a little surprised how small it is compared to those I have scratched built over the years for my SFRSD. It will however make a nice addition to the new MoPac yard and add yet another industry to switch.
    Assembly should be complete later today so I might post the pics of the completed kit a bit latter on.
Thanks once again for dropping by.