Building update

Been a while

     Its been a few weeks since my last post as my wife and I did a big driving trip up as far as Mooloolaba in Queensland. Stopping at several towns on our way to and from take in the sights and stay with friends and family. Lots of interesting sights and sad to see a great deal of the country is in dire need of rain as in many places there is just nothing but dirt, no grass, no water for any of the animals and no feed. Some towns that we stopped at have had no rain since March of last year. We did over 3000klm and enjoyed every minute.
    Now that we are back I could not wait to get stuck into my layout and get the building sitting on the dining room table completed.
    Got stuck into the weathering of the roof and walls using oil paints, a quick spray of Dullcote and then a wash of Rust All rust and black washes.
   I used my Touch # 100 Walnut pen to colour the lower timbers before adding them along with my scratch built side and end doors.
   So one more building to add to the layout.
Here is a quick shot I took in the sun today.

    I am very happy the way this building has turned out.

On another note I have completed all of the timber construction including the two duck-unders. Once I have some decent pics of these I will post them here as usual.
 Thank you once again for taking the time to stop by.