Sections on the wall

Layout sections have been lifted
    Okay now the real fun stuff begins. Once we found more of the wall studs we attached the angled brackets that John had modified. These were spaced a good distance apart but not so far that the sections could sag. These brackets allowed us to attach the layout sections to the brackets and not directly to the wall like I had done giving some flexibility in the layouts position considering all the cuts that had been made to section the layout. Flynn was lifted first however it was kept back from where the Perry section would fit so it could be slid into place.

     Then we started to work on lifting Perry. The Perry section was about 14 feet long and had a return section from where it connected to Udall. It was kinda flexible and so we reinforced the Right hand corner and waited until all the troops arrived to help lift it into its place below the widow.
     This lift went very well so with the guys still around the next section to be raised was the Winfield / Red Rock section. This section needed to be attached to Perry at the same location from whence it came and fortunately the locating pieces of L Girder fitted perfectly. Some lengths of 2 x1 pine to give us the correct height a few clamps and it was sitting quite nicely in place.
    The Hackney / Ponca section was next. It took a little extra effort to put into place as we wanted to get the alignment just right where it had been cut from the Winfield / Red Rock section. A bit of grunting from all the guys while some more bracing was put into place and it too was in place and looking darn good too.
The Winfield / Red Rock section in place. Perry is at the far end.

Flynn on the right, Perry at the far end and Hackney on the left.

     Before we lifted Udall John realized that he could get some additional space between Flynn and Hackney so we put a cut through Perry and extended it to the left by 13 inches. A bit of work in moving the BDLs that were tucked up underneath taken care of. To get the two peninsulas moved the same distance we placed some masking tape on the floor to mark where the sections needed to be moved to and moved them across inch by inch.

The sectioned out portion of Perry.
     The next to be raised was Guthrie. This was to be installed in a totally different position than when on the SFRSD. It has been installed in an old bedroom and is one of the reasons the bedroom wall was removed. Guthrie is to become a branch line under a new name (all to be revealed later).

Guthrie with a bit of Udall on the bottom Left hand.
    "Can we get more space between Winfield and Udall" John said as I ventured over for another work session. The plan was to cut Perry one more time and move the corner section over 6 inches. This would give more room and at the same time make the join to Udall so much easier.
     So here is the second cut.

More BDLs moved and all the wire are still long enough.
    Then Guthrie was moved to but against the corner section of Perry and both screwed into position.

    Next up Udall was lifted into position onto the wall on the far left hand side of Johns room.

Udall sitting nicely in place and with much more isle space between it and Winfield.
    Flynn was pushed into place up against Perry and so far its all looking like it was meant to be here.

    Well that's it for this update. More work is on the agenda for tomorrow so call back if you can.


Its now in the room

Bits of the SFRSD are in the room.
     Well after a great half day of getting all of the SFRSD up into Johns first floor room it was good to see that John had been really busy getting the room ready for the layout to be installed.
     Here are most of the pieces some lying on their sides to fit them into this area.

     Not much room in which to work however every thing got in and in very good condition.

     During discussions about backdrops John decided to pre paint the 3 mm MDF to a similar colour blue as seen on the backdrops for Hackney and Red Rock etc and get the timber pre cut. The paint match is very close which will help blend in the new with the old.

     In the above pics you can see the bracing installed for the back drops across one of the widows, first piece of back drop installed and some of the many wall brackets John pre made on which the layout will rest. Finding some of the studs was a challenge but we managed. Just don't look at all the small drill holes just above the skirting board in some places.

Stay around for more on the move of the SFRSD.


A bit more

The SFRSD room is empty.
     After almost 22 years (the SFRSD was started in October 1994) she no longer resides at 1 Dalkeith Road. One last look of an empty RR room that has given so much pleasure.

Were did that go?
Guthrie & Flynn used to reside here.
     The big move took place on the first Tuesday in June under slightly threatening skies. John the new owner and I had concerns the portions of the RR would not fit so he wisely hired a rental truck with a van body for the move. 9.15 am sharp the truck arrived with many of our mates to lift portions of the layout already on the floor into the van. We could only get two or sometimes three sections into the van so once the first lot were in, off the van went to Johns house where another team of guys were in lace to remove them and lift them into place.

     Here is where they need to go in the fully refurbished upstairs of Johns house. Remember walls have been removed along with a lot of painting and such.

 and this is how they got upstairs. I am very glad is was back loading the van.

    Two guys outside and two inside guiding the sections through a 700mm wide window. All sections got in safely and with not too much damage with thanks to all our mates who pitched in to help.


     And when that was done we all sat down for a well earned lunch.

Hmmm Pizza
Stay tuned for the assembly of the SFRSD in it's new location and with a few changes.


More of the dismantling process

Its coming apart.
    I'm going to have to go back a bit with this post as I have only just been able to get some additional pics of the dismantling of the RR.
    Almost all of the wiring to sections of the layout where through BDL's and SE8C's so there was a great deal of thought about where to cut the layout and which wires needed to be put into terminal blocks.
     John C the new owner made the call and so he together with John F attacked the wiring whilst I did the cutting of the track, roadbed, scenery, L Girder and backdrops. We tried to keep the sections as long as we dare and the cuts as neat as possible so the sections of the layout could go back together as well as possible. The main thing on all of our minds was how are we going to get all of this up into Johns second floor considering the style of stairs and the lack of room in which to move in the dining area below the staircase.
    First lets see some of the work done in the old Shed (layout Room if you will).

Here is the new owner John C cutting and joining wires at the bridge between Udall & Winfield.

John F still working on wiring on the SFRSD after all these years cutting and joining at the Exit of Augusta.
     Here is me adding temporary legs to support the two sections ( Winfield and Hackney) before being cut.

     More cutting. This time removing some of the backboard at the end of the Winfield / Red Rock peninsular.


     No matter how I tried I could not cut through the Magic Water it is just too tough. So it had to be prised out of the way .

     One of the 4 BDL's neatly tucked away before the lift.

Next post will show the BIG lift.
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