I didn't want a duckunder anyway

Deconstruction begins
     After the turbulent weeks leading up to the auction of our house I thought it was finally time to make a start on dismantling the SFRSD in readiness for its move to Little Johns. The dispatchers desk was first on my list while John was preparing his up stairs room. However before I add some images of my room here is some of what we did a few weeks ago at John's house.


    This was the store room that once housed shelves on the inside and a gas heater on the wall facing into the room. We had already knocked down one of the bedroom walls and door frame the week before. The bare wall was then covered with the same timber paneling to make it look all the same. Lots of fiddling around however it turned out really good. John then set to to have all the gaps in the ceiling where the wall top plates had been removed re plastered. He is now in the process of painting the ceiling and all of the timber paneling white. 

Okay so now onto the dismantling of the SFRSD

     The dispatchers desk

We had speakers in the desk to give us the sounds of the relays as the turnouts and signals were activated. It sounded kind nice if not turned up too loud.

Remove locos and rolling stock.
     Next I started by removing all of the locomotives and rolling stock along with the many cars, trucks and construction vehicles. 
     Locos and rolling stock well and truly gone here.

    Next on the list to go was the fascia. This will enable us to see where to cut the layout and cut and rejoin the wiring. We are using special plugs to allow us to cut one wire at a time add it to either a R/H side or L/H side wiring block. These will be numbered so it will make it easier to rewire when the layout is installed at Johns.

     Augusta East and Augusta fascia gone it was time to take out the duck-under.

      And here is the duck-under on the floor with Augusta East already taken out. Now that it is gone I still keep ducking as I enter the room funny about that and I'm not the only one LOL.
      Stay around as more work is carried out on dismantling of 22 years of layout building.
Thanks for looking in.