Not much happening

New Construction vehicle

    As mentioned in one of my last posts (too long ago) I am intending to have a small construction company positioned at the East end of Augusta.
    The latest addition is a GHQ scraper. This kit can be a bit tricky as there are a few parts that need to be fitted all at the same time to ensure it fits and look correct.
     Anyway I finally got it completed after several weeks of not doing anything.
     The usual spray of grey surface primer followed by a spray of Tamiya Brilliant Orange followed by a wash of Tamiya panel line paint and its done. I did use some Pan Pastels grey on the flat black painted tyres after firstly giving them a coat of Polyscale MUD to make them look like they had done some work.

    This unit should fill a nice spot in the construction company's yard once the other equipment is completed.

That's all for today.