Working in Gunnison

 Whilst in lock-down and Winter.

     It gets cold in my Garage where the Monarch Branch is housed however with the addition of carpet tiles some months ago that has helped. The gift of a high wattage fan heater has helped also so during winter and lock-down I thought I should try and get some more work started on the RR.

    First order of business was to fill in the gaps left where I had laid cork for the track in the yard. Big mistake, I should have just laid a full sheet which would have made that job redundant. Never the less using paper to get templates of what was needed the job didn't take that long at all.

    I decided to use several different grades and colours of ballast I had gathered for the yard trying not to make it look to even. White glue was spread and on went the ballast, track first then the bare ground.

   Using my air brush I then set about spraying various shades of AK Acrylic paints, Ash Grey, Sooty Black and Smoke Black over the ballast blending as I went.

   Once dry I then got out my trusty static grass applicator and proceeded to add various shades of dry grass around one side of the yard and a small amount near some tracks. Greener grass was added near the location of the water tank ( yet to be finished).

   More to be done like the addition of buildings for the Conoco Oil dealer, Stock yard and any others that I think will fit.

   Just a couple of pics to see the progress thus far.


K27 458 sitting over the scratch built ash pit.

     Well that's about it for this post. 

Thank you to every one old or new who has stopped by for a look it is very much appreciated.