Another Update

More progress but slow

    Finally got to finish the Durango Press Water tank and my Cimarron Depot. Also got to work on mocking in the scenery down the left hand side of the RR. Started work on the Cimarron freight house however the kit has the incorrect windows supplied.
   The station and tank.

  I picked up the following two second hand kits at the convention so set about getting these ready for the RR.

Foam scenery base starting to take shape. I will cover this with plaster gauze then rock moulds.

    That's about it for this post, not too much done as I have had the flu for five weeks after coming home from the convention.
Thanks for stopping by.


Been a while

Holidays, trip to a Convention and the Flu

     Its hard to post new stuff when time gets away from you every now and then. Drove to Gosford NSW to the National Narrow Gauge Convention the Tuesday before Easter and had a great drive until we got caught in a traffic jam in Sydney's outskirts that took us 45 minutes to drive about 6 Km.
    Anyway we had a great time caught up with some N Scale folk from past years, met some really nice folk at and during the convention and took part in an ops session on Friday morning on Gerry Hopkins fantastic RR.
    Negotiated a deal with my Fun & Finance manager to purchase a new D&RGW HOn3 K27 and a caboose which made the trip just a tad more expensive than planned.
    Together with ,I drove Bill and Peter to the layout tours on Friday afternoon and to and from the convention venue and we all had a ball, lots of laughter and good times. Dinner with mates old and new friends.
    The convention was well attended with nice display layouts and some really good vendors.

Here is one of the home layouts we visited on the Friday afternoon. A beautiful HO layout.

Some from the convention hall.

And since coming home with the flu I have managed in between sneezing and coughing to complete the Cimarron Depot and a two stall Boiler Kit for the Monarch Branch.

So that's it for this post.