Lockdown has been productive.

Quite a lot done since lock-down.

     Lock down has been really bad for a lot of folk however when you have been retired for almost 19 years, getting old with a damn good hobby it is not really a concern. I am sorry that we have not been able to get together with the Friday group for 10 weeks or more however it has not stopped me from cracking on with assembling kits and doing scenery for my Monarch Branch in preparation for their next visit.
    Once the main kit ( the Campbell Models Silver Spur Mine) was assembled I attacked a few Main Street Model buildings purchased from Peter S. Once these were done I then went into the train room over many days working on the scenery where the mine was be positioned along with the powder shed and other scratch built pieces.
   These are progress shots as of two days ago.

    The two buildings below will be placed in Poncha Junction as more work needs to be done in this town.

     That's for this post so see you soon.


So much to do

Keeping busy.

     Boy how time flies when you are having fun. So much time has flown by whilst being self isolating here in Melbourne.
     I have not been sitting here idly watching time go by however I have been working on the Campbell Kit of the Silver Spur Mine that I purchased from a fellow HOn3 modeller in the states. This kit was produced around the early 70's and you could smell the air when the box of sticks was opened. This is a cardboard kit with corrugated aluminum siding for the roof and walls that is glued to the cardboard once cut from the sheets.
    Having used aluminum like this in the past I am not a big fan as I find it difficult to cut, paint to stick to it and hard to have it sit nicely on the roof of previous buildings where I have used it.
    So I have used a paper product from a small shop in S.A. that is really easy to use and paint. And as a bonus it adheres nicely to any surface.

   This is a series of in progress shots I took during weeks of build

All siding attached and painted to walls and roof.


      There are several more buildings that have been completed and not shown.
 Now I need to get to and work the foam for scenery so this mine will fit the space I am planning for it.

So until the next post, thanks for stopping by.