Another building for the D&RG Monarch Branch

Started to scratch build a new building

     Well it's been really cold here in Bayswater this past week and really cold in the layout room so I thought I would tackle another scratch built building.
     This time I am using my tried and tested method of using styrene. I built many buildings for the SFRSD that turned out okay so I had some material on hand and away I went.
     This is going to be a nondescript warehouse that could be sited at any of the new towns on the RR so with a few hints from pictures of Peters LosPinos & Toltec RR off I went. I marked out the size of the walls on some Slaters 4 mm corrugated siding and cut them nice and square using my (handed down from the Boss) Carl cutter. This is usually used to cut card stock for scrap-booking and card making and did a fab job of scoring the line and with just a small amount of pressure I was able to snap a nice straight line.
    Construction is pretty basic as I just used what I had at hand to re-enforce the internal side of the walls to stop them from getting out of shape. I did use some 4" stock to make stumps around the perimeter so I can add some timber along the bottom of the corrugated iron.
    So after just a few hours this is where I left off on Thursday afternoon.

Well that's it for this post and as we will be traveling North for a few weeks probably my last post for a while.


Barry Davies Canadian National N Scale layout

Filmed in 2014.

     I filmed Barry's layout back in 2014 long before he decided to rip it out and start a new Layout in HOn3.
    Barry purchased the Thompson River Canyon from Vic and myself when we sold our display layout and incorporated many of the modules into his home layout.
    So alas another N Scale fallen flag Layout. At least it is recorded for history so sit back and admire Barry's Canadian National Edison Sub.

Thanks for stopping by once again.


Work in progress #5

Been working on a mine

     As it has been so cold this past week or more I decided to stay warm in the house and scratch build a mine for the RR.
    There are just so many mines in Colorado it is quite hard to decide just what will work so instead of purchasing a kit I decided that I would like something that no body else has along with what will fit in the area I want the mine to be placed.
     To get started I copied a plan of a J&J Pyrite mine of the web and then set about making changes as I drew up an elevation drawing that was to my liking.
     Once this was settled in my mind I started to stain all of the Basswood I purchased with MINWAX stains given to me by Bill. There is four different colours of stain and thirty lengths of strip wood each twenty four inches long. It didn't take that long to get them all stained and cut to a length of thirteen scale feet.
     The week before I purchased a sheet or two of 1000gsm black presentation board that I used to mock up the walls as a support for all the strip wood. Quarter inch balsa wood was used along the inside edges to help keep the walls straight and for each wall to attach to.
     It took all week to get the strip wood on and get the roof profile fitted. On Friday night I cut black craft paper (given to me by the boss) into strips four feet wide to use as tar paper for the roof area.
     Aileen's Tacky glue was used for all the surfaces and boy does it work well.

Well here is a few shots after completing the build today 


     The roof received a coat of Tamiya Flat Black followed by a dry brush of Grimy Black then a dusting of Raw Sienna while the walls received a dry brush of Green Earth powder that I have had for well over 30 years I think. I made the nail holes using a black 0.05 pen in a random fashion.
     All in all this has been a fun build.


Work in progress # 4

Sub roadbed almost done

    Well today is a very satisfying day as the major part of sub road bed construction was completed this afternoon.
    Had a few of the lads around yesterday afternoon to assist in construction as I appreciate their help and suggestions as we move along and I know that they enjoy sharing in the workload and experience of the build. All are well versed in all fazes of model railway construction, wiring, track laying and DCC programing so I welcome them here to assist in this new endeavor.
   I had asked Barry if he would like to assemble my new Kitthills Models Durango Turntable last Friday as he had already assembled two for his own RR. When he arrived yesterday lo and behold it was in a box ready to install. Talk about a fast worker. Barry has done a great and was even happy to fit into its position on the layout.
   he and I had discussed weathering this unit and both agree a little more needs to be done to get it the way we both would like to see it once installed and in operation.

And here it is
      Brendan provided a voltage step down unit so we can set the voltage to a range of 2 to 6 volts which the motor installed below the T/T can handle. You can just see it mounted above the PSX in the pic below.
     A PSX auto reverser was installed beneath the layout by Little John so we can hook that up to the T/T once wiring commences as too the unit on the opposite side of the layout which will control the Wye.

And here is where they have been installed up and away from any accidental damage area.

     The Circuit breaker (one for the whole layout) was installed under the layout next to where the new shelf has been added to hold the new NCE DCC system. (No pics sorry).

     And here are a few pics of the completed sub roadbed with all that remains is to build the two duck-under and there cork and track work can commence. Big John has been a huge help in this area.

Work underway for the Wye

Lots of timber consumed here trying to ensure it is rigid.

Finished, with the top on.
      I have been fortunate to have this amount of space in which to work and after suggestion by the Friday (three of whom model Narrow Gauge) group I have been able to use 24 inch radius for the two main corners and have settled on 22 inch rad for the Wye.
     Some prelim wiring has been done, mainly the bus wires under all three sides waiting for track to be installed and droppers added.
    Thanks to Big John, Little John and Barry for their help in getting me this far. And Brendan for the supply of turnout motors (more about those later) and several wall  worts to power various items.

Thanks for stopping by once again.


Work in progress #3

Lots more done
    With more help from John lots more progress has been made since my last post. Extra Sub-roadbed has been installed across the top of my work bench. I installed new lighting and shelving beneath the layout to clear space on my bench for more important things like model building rather than battery charges for my Dremel along with my soldering station. The shelf closest to the corner will be where my NCE digital set up will be located.

     So here are a few pics of the progress, above the work bench and along the R / H wall of the garage.

     Two duck unders will need to be built that will be removable so we can use the stairs to access the house and the small storage shed behind the garage side door.

     I have also drawn in the position for the tracks in the L/H yard and cut out the timber where the turntable will be positioned.

     Very happy with the progress to date and not that much more timber work to go before I start laying cork.

Thanks for dropping by.