First post in the new year

Slow but steady progress.

     Well Christmas has been and gone and here we are already almost halfway into the first month of the new year.
     Been working in the garden trying to get that as close to finished as I can and working on a few videos with the main one being an update to Bills SN3 layout so he can have that for his trip to Seattle in April.
    Progress has been made on the layout with more turnouts made and installed in the town of Poncha Junction along with siding tracks. Both Johns have been a tremendous help by installing more of the MP5's under the layout. Ran out of feeder wire and just too bloody hot to work in the garage as we have had temps as high as 43C in Melbourne a few weeks ago, today is going to be 37C so just came in after completing the penultimate turnout. One to go yay!
    More work has been done on the D&RGW water tank. The stand is completed and I have weathered the tank timber ready for a light weathered spray of Depot Tan when the weather lets me.

 So here are just a few pics to show where I am up to.

Poncha Junction

Poncha Junction waiting for two more turnouts and motors of course.

View from the front door of the garage.

Water tank.

     Need to add the bands and band lugs then its ready for paint. And yes I did add the NBW's on the viewing side.

Well that's it for this post. Hope you all have a great 2019.