It's been way too long

 Lots to catch up on.

     I have been delinquent for far to many month and guilty of not keeping this blog more current. So in an endevour to get back on track I will post as many images I feel necessary to show the progress on the D&RGW Monarch Branch.

     Starting with the scenery I have been able to complete in the town of Poncha Junction. Some of the background buildings you might catch a glimpse of are just sitting in no particular place. Most of the scenery base is complete as far back as the back track with all ballasting completed. Lots of work still to be done with the addition of a stock yard along with a few industries.

The sidewalk here was made board by board in situ.

      The next lot of images where taken whilst adding scenery at the end of the peninsular. Lots of static grass which varied in lengths and colour to get an autumnal look. Several Sage bush trunks with super tree bits added, the last lot of home made pines, lots of scrubs and bits and pieces of broken tree branches and finally a good dusting of snow which I have wanted to do for years.

     What a difference a few hours makes when you get in the mood.

     For the snow I used two products, first some AK Interactive paste followed by a dusting of a product used mostly by military modellers called Krycell which is extremely fine. The AK is made up of two of their snow products and were just placed where I wanted drifts to settle. The Krycell was the dusted from the top using a very fine meshed sift.

    I think this end has turned out pretty good considering how long it took to get started.

    Next areas to start on is the town of Cedar Creek just around the corner and Poncha Junction that needs to be finished. That will happen when the weather gets back to being a little warmer.

Thank you for dropping by.


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