A new HOn3 layout in town

 Barry's new RGS HOn3 layout 

     Good friend and one of two close friends who are well into HOn3 has well and truly started his new layout based on the RGS.

     Due to Covid 19 lock-down here in Melbourne none of us have been able to catch up with his progress since the start of July this year. The last time we got to see his layout all of his track was down and trains were able to run. 

     Barry has graciously allowed me to post images of some of his work so here we go.

    All of the fascia is installed as to all of the control panels at each town.

    Scenery has been started with roughing in the terrain with plans for two scratch built trestles at the end of one of the peninsulas.


This is the site of Vance Junction

     Some background painting at the back of Vance Junction has been completed along with placement of buildings along with some trees and ground cover.

    There are a lot more images however these will be used in a video to be shot of the layout once we can all get out of lock-down.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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