Wow over a month since the last post.

Lots of scenery completed

     Its hard to believe that it is over a month since my last entry to this blog however I have been working very hard on the Monarch Branch scenery wise in all that time.
    Our Friday round robin group came yesterday and it was for this reason that I wanted to put in a lot of effort to get much more scenery done staring from the end of Gunnison yard to as far along the layout towards the rear wall as possible since we gathered here the last time in January.
    This meant painting my backdrop, roughing in the foam for my scenery, applying rock mold castings and laying on all the plaster gauze for the scenery base. A coat of plaster on top of the cloth and then I was ready to do all the colouring.
    I used the same paint base as used in Cimarron as I found this to be a good overall effect. The standard India Ink and Alcohol wash was applied to all the rocks, allowed to dry, then a wash of ground colour was applied to them. Further colours were applied to the rocks to bring out their details.
   I had completed the buildings for this area so ground cover was applied and after being allowed to dry overnight the buildings were added.
   The following images cover most of the process.



    I am very happy the way this area has turned out thus far. Still lots to be done however.
We had a good day yesterday operations wise so it was good to get this work completed and the area cleaned up ready for the day.
Thanks always for coming by.