New Box car

Another new car for the SFRSD

    During the 2013 National N Scale Convention we held here last April we had Jim and Karen Younkins from Olympia stay over for one night.
    They together with John and Dixie Benny from Everett and several of our local modelling friends also came back to our house for a BBQ on the Monday following the end of the convention.
    As they were leaving Jim handed me a gift of a Micro Trains box car that he had custom painted and decaled for his own RR the MB & S. This was very unexpected. As all of my Locomotives and cars on the RR get some sort of weathering I thought that this should be no exception so I set about the task of doing just that. I am now using oil paints following what has been described in several forums. I wanted to take my time with this by first spraying the car with a diluted flat white with lots of thinners followed by a spray of Testors Dull-coat. I started doing the roof first which took several days to lay down to obtain what I hope is a reasonable level of rust. I then started on the sides.


    The next stage was to change out the original M/T pizza cutters and add my 33 inch medium flange wheels including one metal axle that has a resistor added for detection. I have found that these wheels work very well and add significantly to the reduction of derailments seen on the RR.
     I then hand brushed the trucks and couplers with Raw Umber adding some rust on the coil springs along with some flat black on the trip pin. I then just added a dab of silver on the tip of the trip pin to make it look like a glad hand.
     Once the car card and way bill is completed this car will find a place on the SFRSD for many years.
     One day I will make a small diorama on which to display any new stuff. Better still I should do it on the RR.
Thanks for stopping by.


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  2. Hi Allen.
    I did get to see your comment prior to it being removed and it sounds like a neat idea. I had not thought about using that sort of colour. to start the weathering process.
    I will give it a try on the next car I want to weather. I suppose though it might depend on the colour of the car itself. Somebody suggested a very long time ago to use the same colour as the car and lighten it with thinned white maybe in my old age I left out a step. :-)
    Thanks for the suggestion.