GP 60 B unit

Finished weathering my GP60 B units

     It's been really hot here in Melbourne this past week 44 degrees Celsius that's 115.2 degrees F for four days straight so no chance of doing anything outside even the birds have gone.
     I did manage to get the grills on my GP60 B units sprayed before the heat arrived and it sure does make them stand out. I also gave them a very small amount of weathering along the top using an airbrush and Pan Pastels I think they came out looking OK. I have decided that I will not add the wire grabs handles. I am also not sure I like the grey side frames. These might get a coat of Scalecoat silver and a touch of weathering before they enter service they just don't look quite right

Here's a snap of the two sitting in the yard at Augusta.

     The locomotives in the background are also new arrivals to the roster. I had permission from my financial controller to purchase a set of E8A & B units from BLI. This is a bit of a history trip for me as my very first loco was an Atlas E8 in the same livery.
     If you have not had a chance to listen to the sound from one of the N Scale units you sure are missing something. I have MRC. Loksound and Tsunami sound decoders fitted to many of my locomotives and they do not even come close. The fact that they have planed where the decoder and twin speakers are fitted sure makes a difference. Thank you BLI

     I have yet to put the E8's on my programing track to set the road number that will happen over the course of time. Now the next job is to find some decals so I can upgrade my existing FP45 locos from the early scheme to the Super Fleet scheme as my E8's are due to replace them at the head of my directors special.
    I am very happy that these units have arrived.

    Loco Roster.
    I thought I would start showing my locomotive roster that I have been gathering since about 1989.
    The unit below is my version of a U36 at the time of the ill fated merger between Santa Fe and the Southern Pacific. It is a Kato U28 that I cut off the original radiator section and grafted on one from a Bachmann U36. I added the RC unit, air conditioning, sun visors and the beacon. I used Accuflex acrylic paint and applied the Microscale decals. The trickiest part was forming the crescent shape behind the cab however I copied a decal and made a styrene template for it and future units that needed updating. A small amount of weathering and just last week a did some light washes around the side doors to help them stand out. This loco has a loksound decoder installed with two speakers installed in the fuel tender. It sounds OK.

    This locomotive has done many miles over N Track modules for days on end, on my SFRSD and still runs like a Swiss watch.
That is it for today.
 Enjoy your day.

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