Something really different.

Time for a change of material in my post.

     When we decided to sell our house and move the layout I had already started to get involved in military modeling.
     My first attempt was to assemble and detail a M113 APC. I purchased a Tamiya kit and then a Verlinden engine and interior detail kit. I learnt a lot from building this so my next attempt was an Abrams battle tank.
     Without going into all of the construction, painting, detailing and weathering that went into the construction I thought I would just put up some of the pics I took of both units.
    So here we go.

This is the M113A3

Next is the Abrams

     I have a lot to learn about military modeling however thoroughly enjoyed the exercise of putting these together.
     There is 4 kits on the shelf just waiting for some space so I can get back into it again.

Not railroading sorry but modeling anyway.