Santa Fe E8A & B units

A photo spread of the new E8A & B units 
     Whilst trying out my new LED flood lights today I thought I would take a couple of images of the newest locos to enter service on the SFRSD at the same time as shooting a couple of the ballast cars.

     First, here are a couple of the ballast cars that got weathered over the past few weeks.

Passing under the West end cantilever at Udall

Heading to Hackney

This BLI E8 locomotive has the best sound of any that are on the Roster.


  1. Rod the colors in those photos look really natural. That's a fantastic shot with the F unit on the bridge ! Do you happen to know what the color temperature is for your LED flood lights ? I'm interested in lighting my layout with LED's. I am already using them for room lighting.

  2. Hi Brad.
    Pleased you like the shot. My RR is lit with very fading Fluro's that are about to be replaced with 5500 cool white as some of the tubes have to be over 20 years old. With the shot you like the fluro is over the middle of the backdrop thus it does not light the front of the rolling stock or locos well at all new ones are about to fix that in the next week or so. Below is one of my young mates Blog. He has done a ton of work trying to figure out whether or not to go LED or Fluro for his layout lighting after much testing he has stayed with fluro for a better overall light.


    The LED light I purchased from Hong Kong for about A$50.00 give or take. It uses 6 aa batteries and has 160 LEDs. I purchased two then two stands. The LED lights are working out very well here is a link.
    Trust all of this is of some help.

  3. Thank you Rod, that is just the type of information I was looking for. That is quite a layout Brendan is building and I will look forward to following his progress.