Thursday, 25 May 2017

More weathering on the new stuff

Just trying to get it right.

     As mentioned in my last post I have been slowly weathering some new freight cars that I want to add to the roster of the yet to be named Missouri Pacific RR. I also lashed out and purchased several sets of FVM metal wheels (narrow tread 33 inch to suit M/T trucks) to add to these cars. I also purchased  several packs of the same including resistors so I can run these on Johns new SFRMD RR for detection purposes and if I ever get back to signals on the new RR.
   I want these wheels to look the part so before I add them I'm painting the wheel end a rust colour using Tamiya Red Brown with a very small brush.
   The trucks are receiving a coat of Tamiya Nato Black followed by a light dusting of Pan Pastel rust looking pastels.

   This is where my good lady is allowing me to do the work on our kitchen table. There is a wide variety of paints used in my weathering, oils, acrylic and Tamiya along with pastels that do a great job also. Oh and don't forget the Dullcote it does a great job of binding all these finishes.

And here is 24 of the 36 wheels painted thus far.

Ready to be added to the trucks today.

That's it for today keep on modeling.

Friday, 19 May 2017

A bit of variety today.

Friday group at the SFRMD.

     A group of us get together each Friday in a round robin that has now been going for 7 years. Yesterday it was time to attend Johns house and see the progress on the SFRMD.
    John was worked very hard and to our surprise we were able to run trains on the Santa Fe main for the first time. Trains had been staged in various towns some with old locos and some with new additions to the roster. Two additions caught our eyes, one a new Intermountain SD40-2 with full ESU Loksound the other a small switcher S2 if I recall with sound also.
    Boy have Intermountain upped their game. The new SD40 looks fantastic and performed as good as it looked with even better sound than any of us had heard before from our N Scale fleet with various decoders we have used in the past. The Alco switcher, well it knocked the sound out of the park. It too sounded exceptionally good and ran even better.
    No video but a couple of pics to show the new additions.

 A couple of random shots from the day.

The new Intermountain SD40-2 loco 5080 with it's nose ahead of a Kato unit

The switcher

F units waiting to get some power on the turntable.

A view we have not seen before, signals in a row looking behind the Udall elevator.

The next part of this post.
   A New RR with no name as yet.
   I have decided to build a small shelf layout once we settle down into our new home hopefully about August with any luck. This will be based on a new to me railroad the Missouri Pacific. This is so I can also run a few trains on Johns RR on his Mopac RR as interchange traffic. As a result I have started to purchase some new rolling stock and commenced weathering some to get them to look as they should.

Here is a couple of pics of the start.


And after with only a light go with Pan Pastels and Dull-Cote. More to do.
    I also scrapped away any weathering and Dull-Cote from the outside of the ribs to highlight the fading of the panels

This is an old Roundhouse car. I painted the top Chrome Silver by dabbing with a stiff old small brush.
    Then I touched up sections of the top with some Burnt Sienna followed by a dab of Burnt Umber into the middle of these spots to make the rust look a little more defined and aged.

More Pan Pastels

A mix of Pan Pastel Grey and a rust colour.

    So we are underway. I have just received just over 100 FVM 33inch metal wheels and a few sets with resistors already installed. These will be added to the cars as they get their weathering.  New trucks will be added where necessary a paint of the couplers and they should be good to go.
 Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Fourteen months has almost passed.

The main line is completed

     It is hard to recall that in March of 2016 work began in the upstairs section of Johns home to prepare it for the old SFRSD. If you scan back to the March 2016 post you will see John Fahey, myself and the new owner John starting to pull down walls to allow the layout to fit.
     Well last week the main line for the Santa Fe was completed. Tracks were installed between the old town of Udall and the existing piece of old mainline that used to connect Perry to Guthrie and at the other end new track to the old town of Augusta. Wiring was completed between the old Augusta and Augusta East by John F yesterday whilst at the same time work was put into the planning for a few new blocks and signals by John and Brendan.
    So here are a few pics of the track-work and wiring that has brought the RR to the point it is today.

New track added between old Udall and old single track SF mainline. The cork in the foreground is for tracks that will lead into the new Mopac Yard.

One of the large wiring connectors linking old Augusta to the CTC panel, BDL & SE8C etc

New track joining old SF main to old Augusta. The grain elevator is sitting there temporarily.

More of the new main line

Track joined and wiring completed to join old Augusta and Augusta East.

    A bit more wiring around the rear of the new roundhouse and the mainline will be completed.

    For those unsure of the track plan for the Santa Fe Railway Middle Division here it is as of now.
Little has changed from this plan except Augusta East has been rotated 180 degrees with some tracks realigned.

     One of the big bonuses is just how good the old Guthrie now Belle Plaine looks. It is if it was made to be.
Well thats it for another update.
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Friday, 14 April 2017

Another building kit pt 2

The Elevator is complete

     Yesterday I was able to get the rest of this new Walthers kit assembled. As mentioned it went together quite nicely except for some windows that are miss numbered. I did receive an email back from Walthers saying that my email had been passed on to the new product development dept so I hope they get it resolved for any additional kits that they release.

    Finished elevator.

    It has turned out looking quite good and as mentioned I am very happy with the paint I used for this, so now it is just waiting to be delivered to the Mopac

That's it for now.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Another building kit

Building the new Walthers grain Elevator

    With the relocation of Guthrie on Johns layout (formerly the SFRSD) this town is now to be known as Belle Plain and will be served by the Missouri Pacific. The MP will be a new road added to the layout and will use the former interchange tracks in Augusta a new yard with a grain elevator etc on separate tracks around the corner and have running rights over the SF at Udall as it makes it's way to Belle Plain. There is talk about having a separate dispatcher for the MP so time will tell.
   As we are waiting to move into our new home John asked if I would like to build this new kit for him, of course I would.
   The kit arrived last Friday and below is some progress made in among normal household duties.
It is a very easy kit to assemble however there is some issues with the windows as the instructions are incorrect about which to use where. I have sent an email to Walthers telling them of the issue.
   I decided to use a different brand of paint and finally found a good grey that looks like concrete and a very flat white that looks fab once dry.
   Rust-Oleum Chalk Ultra Matt Aged Concrete was sprayed on first then Rust-Oleum Flat White Primer sprayed very lightly over the grey from a distance. The effect is just what I was looking for of an older elevator that has seen the best of times but not shabby.
   Here is a couple of snaps whilst construction is underway.

The elevator


The head house that will sit on top of the elevator

office prior to sitting on its foundation.

    This is not going to be a large building in fact I am a little surprised how small it is compared to those I have scratched built over the years for my SFRSD. It will however make a nice addition to the new MoPac yard and add yet another industry to switch.
    Assembly should be complete later today so I might post the pics of the completed kit a bit latter on.
Thanks once again for dropping by.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Something really different.

Time for a change of material in my post.

     When we decided to sell our house and move the layout I had already started to get involved in military modeling.
     My first attempt was to assemble and detail a M113 APC. I purchased a Tamiya kit and then a Verlinden engine and interior detail kit. I learnt a lot from building this so my next attempt was an Abrams battle tank.
     Without going into all of the construction, painting, detailing and weathering that went into the construction I thought I would just put up some of the pics I took of both units.
    So here we go.

This is the M113A3

Next is the Abrams

     I have a lot to learn about military modeling however thoroughly enjoyed the exercise of putting these together.
     There is 4 kits on the shelf just waiting for some space so I can get back into it again.

Not railroading sorry but modeling anyway.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Working on the Railroad Pt 3

More done on the SFRMD
     John has completed quite a bit more work on the railroad. As he worked on plans for his staging tracks Brendan came up with a very good suggestion and as a result the new staging tracks have been installed. These sit between the old town of Augusta (which is now in a separate room) and the old Flynn Yard. Theses visible staging tracks are quite long and will allow John to stage quite a few more trains than the old SFRSD could handle.

Here's a look at the staging tracks

    The next area that we both worked on last week was to join the Santa Fe Tracks from the old town of Udall to the old Augusta whilst at the same time working out what was needed for the new yard to hold the MoPac trains. These tracks are planned to be about a half inch or more below the SF track that sits against the wall. This should make a nice visual gap and ensure that the two railroads are separated here.

Here's the work thus far

Cardboard set in place to help work out the best option for the tracks

    Now that these tracks are getting closer to the old Augusta, wiring these in plus new control panels for the turnouts is next in line.
    Good progress has been made the past few weeks on some wiring gremlins that took a while to sort out. They are now mostly fixed so the layout is coming back together very nicely.

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by.