Way too long

First post for a while.
     Well my wife of almost 50 years and I moved out of what has been our family home for 37 years come November. Of course you know that this also meant the moving of the SFRSD which has been the subject of much discussion.
     This is what the SFRSD room looked like as Noel helped dismantle almost all of the fluros on a Tuesday evening.

All the fascias and Valances have been removed. Braces have been installed to support the layout where the layout has been sectioned.

Guthrie on the left and Flynn on the right have been put on the ground.

     John C the new owner and Big John did most of the wiring terminating whilst cut the tracks, base board and L Girders where John C thought would be helpful.
Looking vary bare.
     And now how the room looks now that it has gone. Almost 24 years of work to build and gone in several weeks.

     Thanks for all the years of help from many friends in the form of scratch built AT&SF style signals, kit-bashed model trucks, layout construction, track laying, keystrokes for the JMRI signalling and block detection system, installing countless Tortoise motors, wiring boy was there loads of that, operating the RR over too many years to remember, along with countless hours of pleasure that the SFRSD gave to me and many others over the course of the past 24 years.

Thanks Rod.