Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Rather different Video

Featuring Alan Rockett's Puffing Billy RR

     The Puffing Billy three foot Gauge Railroad is situated in the Dandenong Ranges approximately 50 kilometers East of Melbourne. The railroad was built to assist farmers and graziers who moved out of Melbourne in the 1980's move produce to and from markets in Melbourne.
     Following a landslide way back in the 50's the RR which was then owned by the Victorian Railways was shut down due to a lack of funds and desire.
     A determined group of volunteers set about to lobby the State Government and the railways and after many years were able to form a group of people willing to take the project on. Finally after many years the VR handed control over to this group and so this famous RR was once again underway. After many years of hard toil the Puffing Billy was re-opened to the public and has not looked back since.
    Today Puffing Billy is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Victoria with hundreds flocking to have a ride on this world famous Narrow Gauge Railroad each and every day.
    The model.
    Alan Rockett's Puffing Billy layout just has to be seen to be believed. Those of us that have had the good fortune to do so come away in amazement the way Alan has truthfully captured the look and feel of this iconic RR.
    All of Alan's locomotives, rolling stock, buildings along with the horse drawn coaches, horses and many many other items are all scratch built. His rendition of the iconic Australian Gum tree that grows in the hill around Belgrave and all through the Dandenongs are masterpieces.
    So sit back and watch as I have tried to capture to excellence of Alan's work.

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Now for a Victorian N Scale layout

Darren French's Beautiful Cann River N Scale RR

    Modelers here in Victoria Australia suffered for years and years of not having any prototype N Scale locomotives, rolling stock or building with which to model.
    Since the Victorian N Scale Collective was formed during the second Annual N Scale Convention held in Melbourne during March of 1991 there has been a ground swell of cottage industries starting to produce really nice kits from which to build locomotives, rolling stock and structures that fit that seen on Victoria railroads.
    Lots of kit bashing and scratch building has taken place since then and you will see some of that in this video.
    Also factory produced N Scale locomotives and rolling stock came onto the market over several years to fill this need.
    It is quite a while since I did the video on Darren's Cann River Victoria N Scale railroad in fact it goes back to March 2014. We have been back a couple of times since, however the last time saw a lot more progress. Unfortunately I did not take my video camera with me on the last visit which is a pity as lots more has been completed and lots more undergoing huge changes.
    So this video will be a prelude to what is to come.

Please sit back and enjoy the Cann River.

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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Another view of John Faheys Santa Fe RR

This video is an on train video

     I took this video of Johns Santa Fe RR using my new small video camera a few years before the RR was dismantled.
    I hope you enjoy a trip around the Boise City Sub.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

They are coming thick and fast

Another video added today

    Today I worked on the second part of John Faheys Santa Fe Railway Boise City sub.
This video like part 1 was created back in 2015 with the help of John at the controls of his locomotives whist cameras where rolling.

    So sit back and enjoy an Athearn F45 in Warbonnet scheme in the lead of its train as it winds its way around the SF Boise City sub.

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New video uploaded today

John Faheys N Scale RR.

     I took this video quite a while ago on Johns now Fallen Flag Santa Fe Railroad Boise City Sub.
This is part one and there should be some additional content added over coming days or weeks. John dismantled his RR after selling his home in June 2015.
    Many great operating sessions were held over a good number of years.

   Sit back and enjoy what John has done.

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Monday, 21 August 2017

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

New video added to my blog

Hi all.

    Today I added the first of several videos of my Santa Fe Railway Southern Division to YouTube. This is Part 1.

     Over the next few days or weeks I will endeavor to add even more of the SFRSD along with videos of friends layouts I have had the pleasure of videoing over the past several years.

    Thanks for stopping by.