Although Its cold in the Garage

Moving along slowly.

     Its been cold in Melbourne this past week however the week before was nice and warm in fact warm enough to do some more work.
     Scenery foam cut and set in place then plaster cloth covered most of that.
     Inside I kept working on my Sargents Roundhouse kit that is to be located in Gunnison.

Here are some images of that progress.

Moving along however a ways to go.
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Another Update

More progress but slow

    Finally got to finish the Durango Press Water tank and my Cimarron Depot. Also got to work on mocking in the scenery down the left hand side of the RR. Started work on the Cimarron freight house however the kit has the incorrect windows supplied.
   The station and tank.

  I picked up the following two second hand kits at the convention so set about getting these ready for the RR.

Foam scenery base starting to take shape. I will cover this with plaster gauze then rock moulds.

    That's about it for this post, not too much done as I have had the flu for five weeks after coming home from the convention.
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Been a while

Holidays, trip to a Convention and the Flu

     Its hard to post new stuff when time gets away from you every now and then. Drove to Gosford NSW to the National Narrow Gauge Convention the Tuesday before Easter and had a great drive until we got caught in a traffic jam in Sydney's outskirts that took us 45 minutes to drive about 6 Km.
    Anyway we had a great time caught up with some N Scale folk from past years, met some really nice folk at and during the convention and took part in an ops session on Friday morning on Gerry Hopkins fantastic RR.
    Negotiated a deal with my Fun & Finance manager to purchase a new D&RGW HOn3 K27 and a caboose which made the trip just a tad more expensive than planned.
    Together with ,I drove Bill and Peter to the layout tours on Friday afternoon and to and from the convention venue and we all had a ball, lots of laughter and good times. Dinner with mates old and new friends.
    The convention was well attended with nice display layouts and some really good vendors.

Here is one of the home layouts we visited on the Friday afternoon. A beautiful HO layout.

Some from the convention hall.

And since coming home with the flu I have managed in between sneezing and coughing to complete the Cimarron Depot and a two stall Boiler Kit for the Monarch Branch.

So that's it for this post.


Mine rebuild

My scratch built mine got a makeover

     Once I got all of the track down on the Monarch Branch I positioned my scratch built mine in several locations to see how it looked, badly I'd say. To me it looked oversized for the rest of the layout. When questioning friends they also agreed so it had to be changed.
     After my first session on the layout with our Friday group last Friday week I set about to see what I could do to first of all save as much as I could or just bin the lot.
     Binning was not the answer so on the Saturday morning out came the knife and the whole thing was taken apart. Roofs off and dumped, walls taken off and I was left to see what I could salvage.
     Without going into too much detail I decided to lower it, and make the tall section much smaller overall. Thank goodness the base was illustration board as it made sectioning so much easier.

Here are some images of the mine in various stages of rebuild.

     I used Wild West models corrugated iron for the roof this time ( painted with lots of varying colour to get the weathered look I was after) instead of simulated tar paper. I think it looks a lot
    I also gave the whole building a light spray of Box Car Red which has improved its overall appearance.

Next up is progress on my water tank.

     Roof to come and then that will be at least one kit finished.

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Backdrop painting started.

And about time too.

    I have procrastinated for way too long so last week I set about to start painting my backdrop for the Monarch Branch.
    I decided to start on the Poncha Junction side just to be different so started by roughing in the tops of where I wanted the mountains to go. Horizon lines on model railroads are in my view very critical if you want to create depth in a small space. Anyway the few images below show what I have started with. There is a very long way to go however a good deal of the backdrop will be plaster rock walls and a lot of trees.

Getting the trees deciduous underway.

And some distant hills with a hint of trees plus the foreground
Backdrop at the wye. Fairly happy thus far.

   That's it for this post.


A bit more done.

Rail and Tie painting

     As Helen and are still sorting out our garden in our new digs with more to do I found some time to relax and restart painting some of the track, turnouts and ties oh and finish off the fascia.
    Last Monday afternoon I made a start to cut and fit the remaining pieces of fascia around the duck-under at the entry to the garage from the house. That went much better and faster than expected so once completed I gave that area a coat of paint after first sanding down the surface filler covering any gaps and screw heads. I then set to and gave the rest of the fascia its second coat and made sure I covered the inside areas where the scenery will go so you will not see any bare MDF. Now that it is dry it has turned out better than I had expected as I had to sand the MDF after the first coat due to it getting a bit fluffy.

There is 4 steps down from the house into the garage (train Room)

     Now that was completed I felt in the mood to attack the remaining track and tie painting in Gunnison. I could only purchase non-weathered ME code 70 track at the time so that needed to be finished. I chose Tamiya Dark Iron for the track and for the hand made turnout rail and three shades of grey for the ties. Tamiya Light Grey, Medium Grey and MR Hobby Light Grey. I am surprised at how close a match the Dark Iron is to pre weathered ME track, it looks very good. So still motivated I finished all of the L/H/Side of the yard ties and all of the main line and siding ties. Still a few tracks to paint in Gunnison.

The start of the mainline into Cimarron
     Well that's it for this update thanks for stopping by.


Good progress this year.

Lots more done this past two weeks.

     Had the two lads, Big John and Little John come over to help complete the wiring of the last few MP1's and 5's in Poncha Junction. The control panel switches were then wired in, along with the track feeders to the turnout motors. Prior to the lads coming over I added all of the new turnout track feeder droppers and soldered some small track sections to ensue we had good track pickup.
    Whilst all this was going on Barry came over on his last day off on holidays to help me with all the fascia. I had the local hardware store cut 3mm MDF into strips 240mm wide to save us having to do all that. These sheets are 2420mm long and can be tricky to handle given its flexibility. One of the other issues was to mark out where my control panels were to be. Anyway things went very smoothly as we got almost all the fascia up and control panel holes cut.
    Next step was to patch all the holes (I wanted a very clean look to the fascia) which took not too long at all. Barry brought over his orbital sander which attaches to a vacuum cleaner to keep dust levels down. This worked very well and made the sanding job go real fast.
     I did more work to the fascia around the two duck-unders to finish these areas off leaving a small section to complete near the stairs into the house.
     Then came painting. I chose a different colour than the flat black I had used on my SFRSD as I wanted something different. I finally came across Dulux Klavier which is a black / purple colour depending from which angle you look at it.
    Here are a few shots of the progress to date.

Barry working hard at the town of Cimarron.


Track work completed at Poncha Junction

   Very happy to see so much progress so now I can start to arrange my operating timetable, car cards and way bills ready for an ops session.
   A big thank you to the two Johns and Barry for their invaluable assistance.
Thanks for stopping by on the Monarch Branch.