Changing My FP45's

Bringing my FP45's up to Super Fleet level

     Now that the two E8 locomotives are commissioned and have been allocated to haul my Directors Special I already knew what I was going to do with my two FP45's that were in the original Passenger train livery with the very small Santa Fe logo in black along the lower portion of the car body.
    I ordered two sets of Decals from M.B. Klein as none where available here in Australia and actually the freight cost more than the two decal sets combined.
    I knew I needed to remove the Santa Fe so chose to use some "Testors ELO easy lift off Paint and Decal remover". What a great product. In the past I have used Solvaset with a cotton bud and just scrubbed away. The ELO took no time in fact I needed to get it off the rest of the paint or that would have come off also.
    That done I set to cutting out the large red Santa Fe decals that were needed to update the locos to the Super Fleet livery from the sheet and decided to use another new product Mr Mark Softer to lay down the decals. I soaked the decals as per normal however one set took a lot longer before I could see the decal slide. I slid the decals onto the loco in as close to the prototype position as possible following some prototype images. Once positioned I applied a small amount of Mr Mark Softer. This product comes from Japan and worked very nicely certainly as good as the Solvaset that I have used for the past 20 years.

Here you can see I have removed the small SF logo. And just some of my junk in the background. 

If you look closely you can see the decal setting solution working it's magic.

One side done 

Here's #105 with new air-conditioner and antenna hooked up to SD40-2 5102 ready for its first run in the new livery

Here's Loco 100 sitting in the Augusta loco servicing area waiting to get some action. Hmm me thinks it is too clean.

     I'm very pleased the way these two locomotives turned out. Now I have another two sound equipped loco's to operate main line trains between Augusta and Flynn Yard and a great set of E8 locos to haul the directors across the system.

    I just couldn't close this post without adding another shot of these new E8's this time arriving at Winfield. What a great site and they sound awesome.

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