A bit more done

Some more work completed.
    On Friday last John and I got together and installed some more brackets in the room where the old town of Augusta is situated. John wanted to install some more wall brackets on which gets installed the L Girder for bench work. We started on the wall to the right of Augusta by adding 3 new brackets pre-made by John and having completed those in good time decided to keep going around the wall on the opposite side to Augusta. We then came back and after making some additional L Girder quickly installed that in place.
     John had the desire to include as much of the old SFRSD into his layout as possible and this included the portion that ran on the wall directly behind Guthrie in my layout room that included my scratch built wooden barn and a brass etched windmill. It is mostly only 6 inches wide except where it turned around the end of the wall to meet up with the track in Guthrie. "Do you want to see if this section of the old layout fits this space John" of course was the reply so with brackets in place it was an easy lift and voila it fit almost perfectly. A few cuts with the say to remove a small portion of the rear L Girder to clear the room light switch and you could saw it was almost made for that spot.

     All John needs to do is add some track road bed and a small amount of track to link it with the old town of Udall and that will be that.

Some pics of the days work.

     John has also made good progress with the sub-road bed for the visible staging and turntable and roundhouse that will be added to the left hand side of the old town of Flynn. Pics to follow.

    This is something I built just before the SFRSD was torn down and a new hobby direction that I have started.  My completed M113 complete with engine and interior.


 More to come as I start my 1/35 scale journey.

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Regards to all and happy modeling.


More progress

It's all happening

    Lots more progress on the installation of the old SFRSD into Johns house.
    Backdrops have been added to the room where the old Augusta is to reside along with Augusta East. John and I worked hard early last week to install one of the backdrops that needed to have two curves in it to make the transition around from one wall to another across a heater bulkhead that ran up the corner. Once this was done John did a lot more work to the backdrop that was to go behind Augusta East and tuck into the left hand wall where tracks will go through the wall to new staging. John is thinking about how best to have the staging, open or hidden I guess time will tell.

   Here is a few shots of progress in the room.

     Once the backdrops were installed then Augusta was easily lifted into place. It fits this room like it was made for it and has made the whole process of the move very easy.

     Now Augusta East is temporarily installed into what was a cupboard. Ron and John removed all of the doors last week so this gave a chance to see how it should be orientated and where best to position it before the backdrops where added.

     The hole cut in the wall on the left hand side is for the tracks to extend out to the staging area and then onto the old Flynn.

     And here is a preliminary track plan that John has drawn of the whole layout once completed. I'm sure there will be some changes cause that's what us modellers do.

     Notice all of the towns names have been changed. It might take a while for some of the old operators to get their heads around them however there is good logic in choosing these names.
     An additional RR, Mopac, will be included to run from Wichita and on to Belle Plain that will run on SF trackage at South Wichita that should make it a very interesting for the dispatcher once the layout is completed.
     Its all coming together very nicely for John.
Stay tuned for more updates.