Weathering Continues

Hart Ballast Cars get a work-over
     As mentioned in my last post I had 4 more ballast cars in the process of being weathered. I used the same procedure spray, oil paint wash as I used for my Difco cars.
     I used a mixture of Polly Scale Boxcar Red, Polly Scale Old White with a touch of Mud to give the cars a faded look. One of the problems I have found when weathering a few cars at the same time is that I tend to do the same to each. I worked hard to not do that with these 4 and deliberately left one out of the fading process to ensure that there would be some variation between each of them.
     This is one of the cars at the start of weathering with nothing done to it.

    This car has had the light spray along the lower sill and discharge area.

     Here is three of the four showing the difference from no fading to just some along the bottom with the lower car receiving more than the second.

    Now were getting somewhere. All three have received a wash of Van Dyke Brown and a second spray of dull coat. You can see that car number 86560 which did not receive any fading has taken on a nice dark look. I like the amount of wash that has stayed around the top flange area on all three. It looks just like the prototype image I was working off.

     A second wash and another coat of dull coat was applied to 86560 and it looks even better.

     This time I gave 86560 a wash of burnt umber and burnt sienna mix followed by a spray of dull coat.

     I put the trucks back on and relocated the cars back at Perry ready for their next move. I will try to remember to take a shot of them sitting in the yard tomorrow with their Hays limestone load already installed.
     That is it for another lot of weathering. I just hope my crew can read all of the road numbers now this weathering has been applied. Sure beats looking at shiny plastic though.

Catch you soon.

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