More Weathering of cars for the SFRSD

Ballast hoppers get grunged.
     I have 4 Difco Side dump ballast hoppers that get to move around the RR most operating sessions between Winfield and Guthrie and places in between. So far these hoppers have escaped the wrath of time by staying shiny bright, that was about to end.
     My first job was to remove the trucks but that didn't work as it looks like they have some different truck pin so I just removed the axles.
     My second plan of attack was to fade the cars to have them look like they had been well and truly in use so a very light spray of a mixture consisting of , box car red, aged white and mud and they were then set aside to dry. This was followed by a spray of dull coat. They then received a few rust marks applied with a very small gnarly old brush in just a few places allowed to dry and another coat of dull coat.

     Here how they look out of the box

And here is a side on view of just one of the three after a wash was applied of burnt sienna and raw umber. A spray of dull coat followed by some dry brushing on the lower portion of the body with some light grey. More dull coat, some Tamiya Red Brown on the coupler boxes and couplers and wheels

side one

side two.

     And here is a shot from the top of all three after some Pan Pastels were applied to the inside of each car following washes of various colours of oil paints.

Now it was about time to set them back on the RR.

     This has been a very rewarding day or two, so much so that 4 Hart ballast cars are undergoing a similar treatment are drying as I type this blog.

Thanks for dropping by.

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