Stock Trailers

New Highway Stock Trailers

    Well, my good friend Vic has done it again. He is a master at producing outstanding etched signals for me and my friends SF RR's UP style for others and has made them to suit the D&H RR for Brendan.
     Now the latest addition to my fleet of on road trailers is two etched stock trailers. Vic has been painstakingly working to get these as accurate as possible and has certainly pulled them off.
     They now sit on my SFRSD on the road just at the start of the Flynn yard being hauled by two previously undeced Atlas LNT9000 prime movers. I pulled these apart sprayed the cabs SF blue and touched up all the chrome bits with Tamiya Chrome Silver.

Notice the free standing ladders on the side and rear along with the mudflaps.

    I am afraid my images do not do full justice to these trailers as they are outstanding, Thanks Vic.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog.

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