Catching up on scenery

 Slowly getting more done

     After a rush to get more done on the Monarch Branch last month this month has started well with scenery work well underway in the town of Montrose.

     With a good supply of ground cover from various manufactures along with several lots of fine ballast in a variety of grades it was time to do some ballasting and get this town well under way.

     I needed to fill in all the gaps in the sub-roadbed cork then start with the ballasting.

     I used several brands and shades of ballast including cinders to endevour to get the look I was after. Once this had dried a gave it a light airbrush of AK Interactive Soot to blend the ballast in a bit. Varieties of old fashioned Woodland Scenics foam was applied with some of their Blended turf in some areas and static grasses from a range of manufactures in others.

    I already had a good supply of pine trees made many months ago when the guys were for a tree making day so next came production of Autumnal Aspens using Super Tree armatures and three shades of coloured fine foam.

The following images show where I am up to as of today.


      Montrose is coming along nicely however there is still lots to do on the Left.

As usual thanks for stopping by.



  1. That's really looking fine Rod. The scenery blends so well with the painted backdrop and I like the way the peak of the freight house roof is maintained and just enough of the back side kept to give it more depth.

  2. I will have to live my HOn3 aspirations vicariously through your superb work! I had serious intentions of modeling the Chili Line, with the Monarch Branch as "Plan B" if space considerations changed.

    What a great scene you've created.

  3. Thanks Paul. Not prototypical as I live in Australia but having fun never the less.