West Coast Mining in N Scale

 Noels N Scale Pilbara Mine RR

     This video was taken way back in 2014 on Noels, West Coast Mining Model Railroad.
      Large companies like BHP and RioTinto just to name two operate some of the worlds largest iron ore mines and longest trains in the world.
     Noel has created a miniature version of what goes on in Australia's far North West iron ore mining territory in half of his double garage. The room is sealed and the air inside controlled for heating and cooling. Special lighting effects have been employed to create the look of a hot 50C degree day or that of an operating mine site at night.
     Lots of unique N Scale locomotives can be seen as a result of Vics work in helping Noel create the famous Pilbara Cab by etching them in brass along with the radiators and fuel tanks. Special paint schemes have been employed on 15 locomotives that I had the pleasure of painting way back.
     Noel has then had a logo designed with decals being made and applied to these locos.
    The unique ore cars have been kitbashed by slicing Kato and other brand cars to the length required then sanding and painting.
    The layout has the ability to load and then unload real iron ore using a scratch built loader and unload-er. Unfortunately not shown in this video.
     Special work has been done on the couplers to allow each car to rotate whilst being unloaded without the cars on either side tipping by adapting fishing swivel hooks.
    I hope you enjoy viewing this unique model railroad.

Thanks to all for watching my videos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy putting them together.


  1. Well thankyou Rod.
    It's amazing to see how much in 3 years has changed, but still more to be done.
    I do not know if will ever be exhibited, as model railways have evolved and become more realistic.
    I'm happy with the support and camaraderie shown to myself in building the layout. A model railway endeavour that has being going 42 years.
    One day we will make a new updated video.


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