Too long between posts

Why so long?

     Living in the unit waiting for our new house to be completed is a pain in the but. It has been just over 12 months already and I'm right in the middle of cabin fever. I have not done very much at all in planning for my next RR based on the MOPAC however have acquired a few additional cars and a new IM SD40-2 in the UP scheme with sound.
    This post is more about some further weathering I have been able to get done by using the kitchen table as a work space and waiting for the occasional warm day in which to be able to spray Dullcote onto the rolling stock.
    This is the latest 40 car I have attempted based on a pic off the web. Apologies for the poor photograph as the light was not the best when I shot them.
    This is the image taken from the web. The car to the far left with the large ICG wording is the scheme I had and tried to emulate  

    Here is the MT original in its clean state before being attacked.


     Here below we see that I have given it a spray with Dullcote and commenced the fading as best I could. I used an acrylic paint called Cool Grey applied with a wide flat brush and then quickly wiped almost all of it off using a small piece of paper towel.

     The roof received it's share as well.


      Now both sides had been given a grey coat and a spray of Dullcote to seal it for the next phase.


     The car has now received its first light wash of Van Dyke Brown oil paint.


     And here is the completed car after receiving a second wash of Van Dyke Brown. MT couplers painted flat black and a dab of Pan Pastel rust colour and new FVM 33"metal wheels one with a resistor for block detection. The wheels were painted Tamiya Red Brown, the coupler trip pin painted flat black with a dab of chrome silver on the lower tip. 

   Now she looks like she has done a heap of work at least.

That's it for now thanks for looking.

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