Another N Scale layout

Graham Meyers N Scale Empire

     Over the past several years several friends have gathered each Friday to talk, drink tea and coffee have lunch and play trains. One such layout we get to run on is Grahams KCS Mexican Division.
     Many years ago when we first met at Grahams house he asked several of us that had been modeling in N for many years what he could do to improve his layout.
     As you can imagine suggestions came from all around the round table and within minutes a new track plan was drawn on a piece of paper and the rest is history.
    Graham has put a lot of effort into his KSC Mexican Division even going to the trouble of extending his layout room, adding carpet tiles, air conditioning and a crew room.
    I have not had a chance of late to video the newer sections of his railroad however the portion I have done is included in the video below.
    So sit back and watch as we follow a couple of trains on the KCS Mexican Division.

    I trust you enjoyed the journey as much as I have of putting this video together.

Thanks for coming by.


  1. That was fun to watch, thank you!

  2. Thanks Karl.
    I really enjoy videoing my friends layouts and doing the editing. Great fun.