More weathering on the new stuff

Just trying to get it right.

     As mentioned in my last post I have been slowly weathering some new freight cars that I want to add to the roster of the yet to be named Missouri Pacific RR. I also lashed out and purchased several sets of FVM metal wheels (narrow tread 33 inch to suit M/T trucks) to add to these cars. I also purchased  several packs of the same including resistors so I can run these on Johns new SFRMD RR for detection purposes and if I ever get back to signals on the new RR.
   I want these wheels to look the part so before I add them I'm painting the wheel end a rust colour using Tamiya Red Brown with a very small brush.
   The trucks are receiving a coat of Tamiya Nato Black followed by a light dusting of Pan Pastel rust looking pastels.

   This is where my good lady is allowing me to do the work on our kitchen table. There is a wide variety of paints used in my weathering, oils, acrylic and Tamiya along with pastels that do a great job also. Oh and don't forget the Dullcote it does a great job of binding all these finishes.

And here is 24 of the 36 wheels painted thus far.

Ready to be added to the trucks today.

That's it for today keep on modeling.

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