Fourteen months has almost passed.

The main line is completed

     It is hard to recall that in March of 2016 work began in the upstairs section of Johns home to prepare it for the old SFRSD. If you scan back to the March 2016 post you will see John Fahey, myself and the new owner John starting to pull down walls to allow the layout to fit.
     Well last week the main line for the Santa Fe was completed. Tracks were installed between the old town of Udall and the existing piece of old mainline that used to connect Perry to Guthrie and at the other end new track to the old town of Augusta. Wiring was completed between the old Augusta and Augusta East by John F yesterday whilst at the same time work was put into the planning for a few new blocks and signals by John and Brendan.
    So here are a few pics of the track-work and wiring that has brought the RR to the point it is today.

New track added between old Udall and old single track SF mainline. The cork in the foreground is for tracks that will lead into the new Mopac Yard.

One of the large wiring connectors linking old Augusta to the CTC panel, BDL & SE8C etc

New track joining old SF main to old Augusta. The grain elevator is sitting there temporarily.

More of the new main line

Track joined and wiring completed to join old Augusta and Augusta East.

    A bit more wiring around the rear of the new roundhouse and the mainline will be completed.

    For those unsure of the track plan for the Santa Fe Railway Middle Division here it is as of now.
Little has changed from this plan except Augusta East has been rotated 180 degrees with some tracks realigned.

     One of the big bonuses is just how good the old Guthrie now Belle Plaine looks. It is if it was made to be.
Well thats it for another update.
Thanks again for dropping by.


  1. Congrats Guys!Looking forward to seeing the trains rolling again!

  2. Very nice! Thanks for the update!