Work continues

Work Continues.
     I will continue to show as many progress shots of the construction process as I can. We were limited with cameras in those early days and any digital shots taken where usually friends who had borrowed digital cameras from their work place. I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted deep fascias, I failed to mention that one of the reasons was to allow me to have recessed control panels at each of the towns. I had this idea that if I could get the town track plan drawn by my youngest engineering daughter and then print it out on pale blue foolscap paper it just might look like a small computer screen. Once the plan was drawn I then had it laminated, punched out the holes for the double pole center off toggle switches and mounted all of that to a piece of Masonite. I pre-wired the toggle switches from the rear and then it was an easy job to fit the panel and hook up all of the wires. But I am getting ahead of myself so here are some more progress images of the SFRSD.

     Here is two of my control panels neatly tucked out of the way of operators, the first at Ponca City and the second at Flynn one of two main yards. The track arrangement at both Augusta and Flynn were developed with the assistance of my good friend Ron of ''Gulflines'' fame with many versions being drawn before we were able to settle on what has since turned out to be very workable.
     You might just be able to see a small controller sitting at the side of the panels I will talk about these a bit later.
Thanks for looking in.

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