Scenery moving ahead

Scenery moving ahead.

     Last post I talked about the track at Augusta and the bridge over the Wichita River, so lets take a look at the progress in other areas. This scenery was really just a basic layer so that in time I could return and try to give it a bit more oomph. One of the best things to happen in the modeling fraternity in the early 1990's was finding the new super trees sold by Scenic Express. I was fortunate enough to get a large box of these during a visit to the San Jose N Scale Convention from Bragdon way back and got over 300 trees made out of this initial box full. Well worth putting in some time making your trees with these as they come out looking very good.
     In the late 1990's there was not the range of buildings available as now so went down the path as many have and purchased the standard range of Walthers kits. One of these was the Medusa Cement Plant. I did a bit of work to it by cutting out one of the doors below one of the silos and added some detail to the roof. It also got a shot from my air brush.

The Winfield ready mix plant is on the East end of Winfield
     This building lasted here for many years until one of my friends could not locate one for his layout just a few years back. I decided I wanted something different so off it went to John's layout where it sits very comfortably in his town of Etter.
     As I mentioned my scenery was very basic so here are just a few pics of what it looked like back in 1999 / 2000.

Between Winfield and Hackney by the way the track is super elevated on all of the corners

From Hackney West end under the backdrop heading to Ponca City

The small culvert between Red Rock and Perry.
     Notice the trailing Geep has been modified by the addition of the smoke deflectors along the side and on the roof. It also got a shot of paint from my airbrush into another Kodachrome unit.
That's it for now catch you later.

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