Progress Continues

Progress continues.

     As you would have seen from my last post some small amounts of scenery were being done as we went along laying track, (had to keep the motivation up somehow). The base for the scenery was hi density blue foam. This came in sheets 2 foot x 8 foot and back then was very cost effective. This material was easy to cut and profile so to me it was a no brainer. At most of the areas between the towns the material was cut to fit the area and clued on from under the track sub-roadbed. I did this so we could build up the scenery and use the step that this created to add the drainage ditches that I wanted to have in the scenery along the track. Once this had dried then more foam was cut to shape and glued to the top to give the scenery the desired profile. Lots of rasping and then a layer of plaster impregnated gauze was added all over the foam. This provided a good base for my scenery.

My Friend Vic made this underpass and it was put between Augusta and Udall to help add distance between the two
     The Kato loco you see was modified by removing the original radiators and then adding a Bachmann U36 radiator section. I then painted it in the Santa Fe, Southern Pacific pre-merger scheme commonly termed Kodachrome.
That's probably enough for today so until the next post thanks for stopping by.

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