Another layout

The Next Layout

     The next layout was a great deal more ambitious well for me anyway. I dismantled my first and in my 18 foot x 22 foot garage set too to make a much larger layout. Lots of 4'x 8'chipboard was purchased and so I was off and running. This had legs made of 4"x 4" timber and was about 16' long x 8' wide with operation in the center and it was not going to move anywhere. The local hobby shop at the time told me that to make the Peco track look good all you needed was the Peco brand foam underlay. This was made available for the track and turnouts. So off I went purchasing enough of this to do the entire layout. Bad mistake. It did not look good when they also said to pin the track every so often which as a result put huge hills and valleys in the track.

            My trusty first power pack a Duet, still available today at swap meets
          Before I knew any better I also installed an Arnold Turntable
       Plaster scenery underway
     And I even got to paint a bit of a backdrop on an extension.
     That's it for today.
     Thanks for viewing.

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