Continuing with my story

Continuing on with my story of my early layouts.

     The layout shown in the last post was torn down in 1973. Two friends also into N Scale gave me a hand to pull it down in just a day.
     As my garage was quite large and after convincing my good lady that the car could stay outside I decided to build the Virginian & Ohio layout not in HO like the one shown in so many articles but in N Scale.
     I purchased a copy of Model Railroad Craftsman and set about to draw up my track plan to fit my garage using the V&O as a reference.
     So over the next several months we set about building my third model railroad and my first railroad using L Girder.
     Peco track and turnouts were still the track of choice and so too was my trusty Duet power pack.
     Unfortunately due to me not owning a conventional camera during the construction of this new layout there are very few images.

     This was also the first time we started to operate using very simple cards. These were written by a good friend and I still have them as a record this day.

     They might not look to flash by today's standards, remember no home computers in 1974/5, however they worked a treat.
     That's it for today.

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