A fresh start

A fresh start

     In mid year 1988 I received a call from a fellow stating that he had seen me purchasing N Scale stuff at a local swap meet from one of his friends. Well one thing led to another and in September of 1988 six of us five I had not met previously got together and formed the MelbNtrak Model Railway Club. It was great meeting this group of guys as they had been in the hobby longer than me and had a great knowledge of the products that I had never heard of never the less seen. With this new impetus I quickly sold off all of my old rolling stock and retired my ageing but well loved locomotives. I set about acquiring new Micro Trains and Roundhouse rolling stock and purchased some new Kato loco's the GP38's and U30C's. The Roundhouse rolling stock were re-equipped with MT trucks and couplers and new couplers fitted to the loco's and I was on the way.

     Our group also set about building our first lot of N trak modules, I finished one and not long after set to to build a second, the first is shown below.

                            This is my first attempt at a 2' x 4' N Trak module and has since been sold.

Running Nights.

     After a few months I started to host regular Friday night running nights on the new layout with this group and had a lot of fun. New locomotives, new rolling stock and a great bunch of guys all enjoying these fun nights. As the layout was still in the midst of construction there was very little scenery except for what you can see on a previous post.

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