Moving house

Moving House

     We had a lot of fun running on the new layout in fact we ran and operated most Friday nights.
In 1975 we decided to sell our house so what was then my dream layout was pulled down with a small portion being sold to a friend.
     A move into a new house for a year and then an interstate transfer for work for two years so my modeling days were curtailed for several years. I had salvaged all of my Peco track and turnouts, however I sold all of my buildings as we had no hope of them surviving any of the moving we had to do.
     Back to home base in Melbourne in 1979. We had to rent for 6 months so any modeling was still a way off. I got back into modeling in about 1982 after moving into our new home and finally being in a position to have a 14' x 20' shed built in the back yard just for my trains. My new track plan was a bit like some of the old and a quite a bit different in other areas. Those familiar with the true V&O will see the similarity. I was a lone modeler at this stage as most of my close modeling friends had also had job moves and lived many hours away. So with the shed built I set to to build my next dream layout that in reality did not show much growth in my modeling skills.

                                          This is the track plan as drawn way back in the early 80's

      As you can see, the layout is kinda low with quite poor backdrops if indeed any. I was still using DC with the good old reliable Duet and a shop purchased controller that had a slide for the speed control. All of my Loco's and rolling stock were either Minitrix or Atlas along with two of the newly released Bachmann SD40-2's. My favorite loco's were the Minitrix U28's and the smaller Fairbanks Morse switcher as they were good runners.
     Well that's it for another day so thanks for looking in.


  1. Hi Rod, and welcome to the world of blogging.

    This was the first big layout that I operated on, and we all had a lot of fun there. I particularly liked the track layout and scenery in your township of Ellison.


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