Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Getting started


Getting started.

     My model railroad story started way back in 1969 with the purchase of my first N Scale Atlas E8 in Santa Fe livery.
     Since then I have built several layouts of various sizes and in a few different homes. I will start my blog as far back as I can with a few old and I mean very old photographs of my start into what for me has become a fabulous hobby and one that I share with many good friends.

     The first layout was based on the Kalmbach book of 101 track plans and little did I realize the significance of the layout that I chose at that time.

      At the time of construction the size and elevation of the tracks where based on HO, what did I know!
This layout lasted less than a year when as you can see I already wanted to extend it to have a longer run. You can see the small sections of 2" x 1'' timber that will hold the next bit of chipboard. And boy was it low.
Well that's it for the start more later.

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