Getting started


Getting started.

     My model railroad story started way back in 1969 with the purchase of my first N Scale Atlas E8 in Santa Fe livery.
     Since then I have built several layouts of various sizes and in a few different homes. I will start my blog as far back as I can with a few old and I mean very old photographs of my start into what for me has become a fabulous hobby and one that I share with many good friends.

     The first layout was based on the Kalmbach book of 101 track plans and little did I realize the significance of the layout that I chose at that time.

      At the time of construction the size and elevation of the tracks where based on HO, what did I know!
This layout lasted less than a year when as you can see I already wanted to extend it to have a longer run. You can see the small sections of 2" x 1'' timber that will hold the next bit of chipboard. And boy was it low.
Well that's it for the start more later.


  1. Rod - I'm building the ATSF Southern Division, 1st and 2nd subs (Texas) in N scale. I am planning to scratchbuild the numerous grain facilities, and noticed your Guthrie feed; the light brown and beige part to the right of the photo. How did you model that effect? That type of structure is found all over Texas.
    Bob Burke
    Verde Valley AZ

  2. Bob, Wow so sorry for not picking up your comment and question way back in October 2017. It is scratch built using 12 mm MDF cut on my table saw to get it nice and straight. Then laminated it with Evergreen board and batten siding. So long ago I cannot remember what size i used.