More of the dismantling process

Its coming apart.
    I'm going to have to go back a bit with this post as I have only just been able to get some additional pics of the dismantling of the RR.
    Almost all of the wiring to sections of the layout where through BDL's and SE8C's so there was a great deal of thought about where to cut the layout and which wires needed to be put into terminal blocks.
     John C the new owner made the call and so he together with John F attacked the wiring whilst I did the cutting of the track, roadbed, scenery, L Girder and backdrops. We tried to keep the sections as long as we dare and the cuts as neat as possible so the sections of the layout could go back together as well as possible. The main thing on all of our minds was how are we going to get all of this up into Johns second floor considering the style of stairs and the lack of room in which to move in the dining area below the staircase.
    First lets see some of the work done in the old Shed (layout Room if you will).

Here is the new owner John C cutting and joining wires at the bridge between Udall & Winfield.

John F still working on wiring on the SFRSD after all these years cutting and joining at the Exit of Augusta.
     Here is me adding temporary legs to support the two sections ( Winfield and Hackney) before being cut.

     More cutting. This time removing some of the backboard at the end of the Winfield / Red Rock peninsular.


     No matter how I tried I could not cut through the Magic Water it is just too tough. So it had to be prised out of the way .

     One of the 4 BDL's neatly tucked away before the lift.

Next post will show the BIG lift.
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  1. Interesting to see this reversal.
    Normally we see the building of the layout. It's good that you are showing this as it may aid in the construction of future layouts that your followers may be planning.
    it's still sad, even though it's going to a new home.