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The SFRSD room is empty.
     After almost 22 years (the SFRSD was started in October 1994) she no longer resides at 1 Dalkeith Road. One last look of an empty RR room that has given so much pleasure.

Were did that go?
Guthrie & Flynn used to reside here.
     The big move took place on the first Tuesday in June under slightly threatening skies. John the new owner and I had concerns the portions of the RR would not fit so he wisely hired a rental truck with a van body for the move. 9.15 am sharp the truck arrived with many of our mates to lift portions of the layout already on the floor into the van. We could only get two or sometimes three sections into the van so once the first lot were in, off the van went to Johns house where another team of guys were in lace to remove them and lift them into place.

     Here is where they need to go in the fully refurbished upstairs of Johns house. Remember walls have been removed along with a lot of painting and such.

 and this is how they got upstairs. I am very glad is was back loading the van.

    Two guys outside and two inside guiding the sections through a 700mm wide window. All sections got in safely and with not too much damage with thanks to all our mates who pitched in to help.


     And when that was done we all sat down for a well earned lunch.

Hmmm Pizza
Stay tuned for the assembly of the SFRSD in it's new location and with a few changes.

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  1. Those Genie lifts are handy, I had used them several times when I was working but never saw one used in quite this way.