Its now in the room

Bits of the SFRSD are in the room.
     Well after a great half day of getting all of the SFRSD up into Johns first floor room it was good to see that John had been really busy getting the room ready for the layout to be installed.
     Here are most of the pieces some lying on their sides to fit them into this area.

     Not much room in which to work however every thing got in and in very good condition.

     During discussions about backdrops John decided to pre paint the 3 mm MDF to a similar colour blue as seen on the backdrops for Hackney and Red Rock etc and get the timber pre cut. The paint match is very close which will help blend in the new with the old.

     In the above pics you can see the bracing installed for the back drops across one of the widows, first piece of back drop installed and some of the many wall brackets John pre made on which the layout will rest. Finding some of the studs was a challenge but we managed. Just don't look at all the small drill holes just above the skirting board in some places.

Stay around for more on the move of the SFRSD.

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