Our Regular Friday get together

Today on the SFRSD

     For the past four or so years there has been a group of us get together every Friday in a round robin meet. Four of us are into N Scale, one into HOn3 and one into Sn3. We did have another mate who is into Victorian HO however he still has to work for a living.
     We start at about 10 / 10.30 am have coffee and or tea talk some BS then go and run trains.
     It would have normally been Big Johns day today however he called in sick with a bug so he and I swapped Fridays. After discussing the three stripped locos that Graham brought around ready for me to paint, decal and weather for his Mexican RR and discussed the state of the nation we then went out and ran some trains.
     Little John brought around three items for show and tell as well. Two being Intermountain F7 B units that he had installed Locksound decoders and speakers into. These sounded fantastic (sorry no image) and ran superbly along with a new Kato UP FEF.
    This loco looked fantastic even though it is a UP Steam Loco on AT&SF trackage. Once track clearance was given to allow this UP Loco to run over the SFRSD by the brass, the dispatcher set up the route from Augusta to Flynn for this special to run. John backed the FEF onto the Directors Special set of varnish which was sitting in the yards at Augusta East with the recently acquired E8 sitting on the nose.

Arriving at Augusta on the station track.
Crossing the underpass at the West End of Augusta

Crossing the creek between Winfield and Hackney
I must admit it does look very impressive.
  The loco ran like a Swiss watch. John has the sound decoder and speaker on order so once fitted this loco will sound as good as it looks. Then I'm tasked with weathering it.
  Whats that you say am I getting one? OMDB.
Regards and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Looks like great fun Rod. Great looking scenes on the layout and I really like that GP30 as well.

  2. Hi Brad we do indeed have a lot of fun every Friday. I should add some of the guys layout pics on my blog, two of them have some stunning scenery.
    Yep must agree about the GP30's they ooze personality. Later this year I would like to add some sound to one of them but they are the very first batch so we'll see how we go.